COVID-19 epidemiology update: Key updates

Summary of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, cases following vaccination, testing and variants of concern across Canada and over time. Older versions of this report are available on the archived reports page.

Key updates

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Weekly highlights

General trends

  • Nationally, there is continued stabilization or decreases in COVID-19 case counts, percent positivity, and outbreak incidence.
  • Trends in these indicators of transmission vary across provinces and territories, with some reporting increases in case counts or percent positivity over the latest week.

Hospitalizations and deaths


Latest COVID-19 numbers (Last data update )

    Latest COVID-19 numbers: Text description
    Latest COVID-19 numbers (Last data update November 28, 2022, 10 am ET)
    Weekly change in cases {Weekly change in cases}
    Total cases {Total cases}
    Weekly change in deaths {Weekly change in deaths}
    Total deaths {Total deaths}
    Weekly tests reported {Weekly tests reported}
    Weekly percent positivity {Weekly percent positivity}

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