COVID-19 vaccination: Doses distributed:

  • Last updated: 2023-05-03

Number of COVID-19 vaccine doses that have been distributed in Canada by jurisdiction and vaccine product.

Canada's COVID-19 vaccine supply is managed strategically and responsibly to meet the needs of people in Canada while supporting global vaccination efforts.

Ensuring availability of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, regardless of where you live, remains a priority. We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation. We also work with manufacturers to access new vaccine formulations, including updated booster doses and pediatric vaccines.

Learn more about Canada's COVID-19 vaccine supply and donation strategy.

Updated schedule The vaccine distribution table below is updated every 4 weeks on Fridays at noon ET with data up to and including the previous Sunday.

Doses distributed nationally Access and download the national COVID-19 vaccine distribution data in .csv format

Altogether, {total doses distributed} vaccine doses have been distributed as of {MMM DD, YYYY}.

Figure 1. Cumulative number of doses in Canada by jurisdiction, as of {DD MMM, YYYY HH PM}

Hover over or select part of the map to see the cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses distributed in Canada and each jurisdiction over time.

The cumulative number of {vaccine name} doses {distributed} in Canada was {number of doses} as of {MMM DD, YYYY}.


* The reporting frequency changed from every week to every 4 weeks after Februrary 23, 2023.

Due to a database issue, some data reporting errors displaying distribution information were recorded between October 6 and December 9, 2022. The master database was used to detect the reporting errors and the errors have been corrected as of January 12, 2023. The errors did not impact the safe management and distribution of vaccines.

Figure 1: Text description

Cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine doses doses in Canada by jurisdiction as of MMM DD, YYYY

Suggested citation

Public Health Agency of Canada. Canadian report on COVID-19 vaccine doses distributed. Ottawa: Public Health Agency of Canada; {MMM DD, YYYY}.

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