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Map of Canadian mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Mental health map

This map is an interactive data tool that shows key mental health indicators and risk factors by geography. It uses data from the 2020 and 2021 Surveys on COVID-19 and Mental Health (SCMH).

You can create interactive maps by selecting an indicator, gender and survey cycle. The tool compares the estimate for the selected province or territorial capital with the national estimate.

Navigate the map by hovering your mouse over each area. Your selections from the drop-down menu will change the information shown on the rest of the page.

, by province/territorial capital , ,

  • Map areas in white represent sparsely populated areas for which data was not available or estimates are not displayed due to small sample sizes.
  • "All adults" includes "Male", "Female", "Gender diverse" and "Not stated". Results are not broken down beyond "Male" and "Female", due to small sample sizes.
  • Self-rated mental health was assessed by asking respondents "In general, how is your mental health?" Response options included "Excellent", "Very good", "Good", "Fair", and "Poor". Those who responded "Excellent" or "Very good" were classified as having high self-rated mental health.

Release Guidelines from Statistics Canada
AEstimates should be interpreted with caution due to the unweighted denominator being < 90 but ≥ 45. Users should use the confidence interval (CI) as a quality indicator.
BEstimates were suppressed due to the unweighted denominator being < 45 or the unweighted numerator being < 5.

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