Opioid- and Stimulant-related Harms in Canada Published: (June 2022)

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Number of total apparent opioid toxicity deaths by quarter in Manitoba, 2016 to 2021
0102030405060708090100110'16 Q1'16 Q2'16 Q3'16 Q4'17 Q1'17 Q2'17 Q3'17 Q4'18 Q1'18 Q2'18 Q3'18 Q4'19 Q1'19 Q2'19 Q3'19 Q4'20 Q1'20 Q2'20 Q3'20 Q4'21 Q1'21 Q2'21 Q3'21 Q4Year and quarterNumber2016 Q1: 182016 Q2: 202016 Q3: 172016 Q4: 332017 Q1: 342017 Q2: 342017 Q3: 192017 Q4: 192018 Q1: 212018 Q2: 172018 Q3: 242018 Q4: 312019 Q1: 102019 Q2: 162019 Q3: 112019 Q4: 252020 Q1: 262020 Q2: 562020 Q3: 962020 Q4: 822021 Q1: Not available2021 Q2: Not available2021 Q3: Not available2021 Q4: Not available

This update is based on data submitted to the Public Health Agency of Canada on or before May 10, 2022. Due to differences in identifying and reporting cases, comparisons over time and between provinces and territories should be interpreted with caution. Refer to the technical notes for more information.

Number of total apparent opioid toxicity deaths by quarter in Manitoba, 2016 to 2021
Year and quarterNumber
2016 (Jan to Mar)18
2016 (Apr to Jun)20
2016 (Jul to Sep)17
2016 (Oct to Dec)33
2017 (Jan to Mar)34
2017 (Apr to Jun)34
2017 (Jul to Sep)19
2017 (Oct to Dec)19
2018 (Jan to Mar)21
2018 (Apr to Jun)17
2018 (Jul to Sep)24
2018 (Oct to Dec)31
2019 (Jan to Mar)10
2019 (Apr to Jun)16
2019 (Jul to Sep)11
2019 (Oct to Dec)25
2020 (Jan to Mar)26
2020 (Apr to Jun)56
2020 (Jul to Sep)96
2020 (Oct to Dec)82
2021 (Jan to Mar)Not available
2021 (Apr to Jun)Not available
2021 (Jul to Sep)Not available
2021 (Oct to Dec)Not available


This update would not be possible without the collaboration and dedication of provincial and territorial (PT) offices of Chief Coroners and Chief Medical Examiners as well as PT public health and health partners and Emergency Medical Services data providers. We would also like to acknowledge the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) for collecting and providing the data used for reporting opioid- and stimulant-related poisoning hospitalizations.

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Special Advisory Committee on the Epidemic of Opioid Overdoses. Opioid- and Stimulant-related Harms in Canada. Ottawa: Public Health Agency of Canada; June 2022. https://health-infobase.canada.ca/substance-related-harms/opioids-stimulants

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