Suicide Surveillance Indicator Framework

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Source: Canadian Community Health Survey - 2020

E: Estimate should be interpreted with caution due to its elevated variability.
F: Estimate is unstable and cannot be released due to its high variability and/or small sample size.

Measure Description:

Definition Estimated percentage of the population 15 years and older who have made a suicide plan at any point in their life
Data Available
  • Sex
  • 10-year age group
  • 5-year age group
  • 5-level highest education attained
  • Household income quintile
  • Province
  • Population centre/rural area
  • Immigration status
  • Indigenous status
  • Ethnicity
Estimate Calculation Numerator (weighted estimate): Number of people aged 15+ who report ever making a suicide plan;
Denominator: Total population, aged 15+
Additional Remarks
  • Data and estimates do not include territories

Suggested Citation: 

Public Health Agency of Canada, Centre for Surveillance and Applied Research (2023). Suicide Surveillance Indicator Framework Quick Statistics, Canada, 2023 Edition. Ottawa (ON): Public Health Agency of Canada.

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