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Mortality rate due to suicide, total population
SexRate per 100 000 population95% CI
Total population12.3-


Source: Canadian Vital Statistics–Death Database - 2015

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Measure Description

Definition Number of deaths in Canada where suicide is confirmed, expressed per 100 000 population, in a given year
Data Available · Sex · 5-year age group · Province/territory (crude and age-standardized rates)
Estimate Calculation Numerator: Number of deaths in Canada due to suicide; Denominator: Total population in Canada
Additional Remarks · All provinces and territories · Actual rate derived from administrative data and the Census · CVSD has a 3-year reporting lag

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Public Health Agency of Canada, Centre for Surveillance and Applied Research (2019). Suicide Surveillance Indicator Framework Quick Statistics, Canada, 2019 Edition. Ottawa (ON): Public Health Agency of Canada.

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