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Be Active.
Play Smart.

We all want to be healthy.

Part of a healthy lifestyle
is being active.

But the stats say that
we can do better.

That means that if we had
a team of 10 kids, only 1 is playing
the full game.

Three inactive children Three inactive children Three inactive children One active child out of ten children total

Hold on - don't count yourself out!
There's still time to join the game!

Soccer is a great way for kids to be active and more and more Canadian kids are joining in.

In fact, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and the fastest growing team sport in Canada.

An injured child

But we all know that sometimes,
being active can lead to injury.

Where injuries occur:
32% Upper extremities
2% Trunk
45% Lower extremities

Among youth, soccer injuries account for
approximately 20% of sports-related
emergency department visits in Canada.

The good news is that
most injuries are preventable.

In order to prevent injuries in soccer, the Public Health Agency of Canada has partnered with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), FIFA (the Fédération Internationale de Football Association), and Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) to implement two soccer injury prevention programs in selected sites.

Injury prevention allows you to
bBeing active and play smart.

But why is being active so important?

is good for your whole body.

increases agility and coordination.

prevents chronic diseases.

promotes healthy minds.

So join the game!

Round up your friends.

Tie up your cleats.

Be active and play smart!