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COVID-19 virtual library of health data and evidence

The virtual library provides centralized access to a searchable collection of links to knowledge products, data, and evidence about the impacts of COVID-19.

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What's in the virtual library

The work to improve COVID-19 health data and evidence led to the development of new knowledge products about the wider health impacts of COVID-19. These products are now in the virtual library.

Over time, the collection will grow to include more data and evidence reflecting the pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy’s COVID-19 short-term priorities, including:

All products were funded and published by the following Government of Canada departments, as well as the Canadian Institute for Health Information:

Wider health impacts of COVID-19

The pandemic resulted in a range of health impacts beyond COVID-19 infections. Events that have impacted people’s health in Canada include:

We take these events into consideration when studying the impact of the pandemic on:

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