Interactive data visualizations of COVID-19

Interactive data map of COVID-19 cases across Canada. Shows number of cases, tests and deaths over time.

of of COVID-19 in Canada as of

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Hover over provinces and territories to see total cases, recovered cases, tests performed or deaths in Canada over time. Click the play button to animate the map.

The number of total cases of COVID-19 in Canada was 1,471 as of .

Starting February 1, 2021, laboratory test indicators are based on the number of laboratory tests performed and the percentage of tests positive. These data replace previous metrics based on unique individuals tested and provide a more accurate measure of test positivity and promote greater standardization in reporting across Canada. The proportion of tests positive is expected to decrease compared with previous person-based methods, as all tests will be included in the calculation, including new tests on the same person over time.

Areas in Canada with cases of COVID-19 as of
Location Total cases Cases last 7 days Active cases Recovered Deaths Deaths last 7 days Tests performed
Count Rate* Count Rate* Count Rate* Count Count Rate* Count Rate* Count Rate

** No data is available for this day, and so the most recently available data is displayed.

* Rate per 100,000 population

Rate per 1,000,000 population

of of COVID-19 in Canada as of

The figures displayed below demonstrate the progression of cases over time. The range of dates (January 31st, 2020 - present date) is identical for each figure to compare the provinces and territories on the same timescale. The timescale for each figure is created using the total number of cases in Canada.